small screen

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small screen

Television as a medium, especially in contrast to film: a movie star making a guest appearance on the small screen.

small′screen′ (smôl′skrēn′) adj.
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small screen

(Broadcasting) an informal name for television
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small′ screen′

1. the medium of television.
2. a television set.
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small screen

n the small screen (television) → il piccolo schermo
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(smoːl) adjective
1. little in size, degree, importance etc; not large or great. She was accompanied by a small boy of about six; There's only a small amount of sugar left; She cut the meat up small for the baby.
2. not doing something on a large scale. He's a small businessman.
3. little; not much. You have small reason to be satisfied with yourself.
4. (of the letters of the alphabet) not capital. The teacher showed the children how to write a capital G and a small g.
small ads
advertisements in the personal columns of a newspaper.
small arms
weapons small and light enough to be carried by a man. They found a hoard of rifles and other small arms belonging to the rebels.
small change
coins of small value. a pocketful of small change.
small hours
the hours immediately after midnight. He woke up in the small hours.
ˈsmallpox noun
a type of serious infectious disease in which there is a severe rash of large, pus-filled spots that usually leave scars.
small screen
television, not the cinema. This play is intended for the small screen.
ˈsmall-time adjective
(of a thief etc) not working on a large scale. a small-time crook/thief.
feel/look small
to feel or look foolish or insignificant. He criticized her in front of her colleagues and made her feel very small.
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The priests tried to show us, through a small screen, a fragment of the genuine Pillar of Flagellation, to which Christ was bound when they scourged him.
You can really bank on Disney delivering, both on the big screen and small screen with Disney+ on the way," Dergarabedian added.
Also, we got to watch some of the most heart-wrenching and striking stories on the small screen; stories addressing social issues that were previously considered taboo and usually remained hidden behind closed doors.
It is only the second time the 78-year-old, who is soon to appear in Martin Scorsese's new film "The Irishman" alongside Robert De Niro, has signed up for the small screen.
Small screen TVs, computer monitors and small flat screens are $5.
From the very earliest surviving drama featuring homosexuality in 1959, Buckle draws upon his special expertise and research in "Homosexuality on the Small Screen: Television and Gay Identity in Britain" to deftly explore each decade's programming in turn, looking at homosexual themes, storylines, and characters, situating them historically, and relating them to the broader events in British history.
It's the era of peak television and no matter where you look, networks and streaming platforms are clamouring for content and adaptations are in huge demand, whether on the big or small screen, so as to cash in on a captive audience.
He is about to return to the small screen after three years.
While doing a question and answer session with his fans on the micro-blogging site, Kapil said he would return to the small screen soon.
As increasingly more cinema talent moves from the big screen to small screen - with TV shows, made on mammoth budgets, being created by everyone from Martin Scorsese to Guillermo del Toro to Baz Luhrmann - it's clear that we truly are living in another golden age of television.
JEDDAH: Three short films from Saudi Arabia have been selected to screen to a global audience at the first Small Screen, Big Film festival in April
On the small screen, Son's drama "Something in the Rain," her comeback after five years, is seeing a continuing rise in the ratings.

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