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Adj.1.small-cap - of stocks of companies with a market capitalization of less than one billion dollars
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Something is definitely ailing small-cap stocks and those ailments could get worse before they improve.
(JPMorgan), including its predecessor, Fleming Asset Management, where she held increasingly senior positions, starting from an equity analyst position in 1987 to a senior portfolio manager in 1993 and a managing director in 2000, where she served as senior portfolio manager of JPMorgan's small-cap equity and small-cap growth strategies.
The MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Index captures small-cap representation across 24 Emerging Markets countries.
Herbert likes the stock into the Q3 results, even with the recent strength, and continue to view Mercury as a core holding for small-cap exposure to the defense cycle.
Yung noted that mid-cap risk has been adequately compensated in the recent decades, with higher returns than that of either large- or small-caps. The bank is neutral on small-cap stocks.
In line with market expectations, the MSCI relocated two leading Pakistani stocks Lucky Cement and United Bank Limited (UBL) to its small-cap index from the mid-cap index with effect from December 1, 2018.
There, he oversaw a $15 billion quantitative equity investment platform spanning global, developed, emerging and small-cap separate accounts and commingled equity strategies.
Additionally, the country's weight in the small-cap index was revised to 0.81pc.
Currently, there is a slight retraction in small-cap stocks ahead of the GE14, he said.
Summary: While passive small-cap equity strategies have been a popular tax-cut play, not all small companies stand to benefit
Putnam announced on Tuesday that it is taking steps to enhance its small-cap equity capabilities.