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Adj.1.small-winged - having small wings
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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Violet and Peony stood laughing at this pretty sight; for they enjoyed the merry time which their new playmate was having with these small-winged visitants, almost as much as if they themselves took part in it.
Evidently Joe Walker was distracted for a split second and drifted in too close to the XB-70's right wing or the strong wing tip vortices flowing off the XB-70 overpowered his ability to control the small-winged F-104, and his jet was pulled into physical contact.
The monkeys have been replaced by a banana leaf theme, and there are funny-looking, small-winged ceiling fans that evidently came from a transcontinental train that was retired a half century ago.