smallmouth bass

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small·mouth bass

 (smôl′mouth′ băs)
A North American freshwater food and game fish (Micropterus dolomieu) having a shorter upper jaw than the similar largemouth bass.
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smallmouth bass

(ˈsmɔːlˌmaʊθ ˈbæs)
(Animals) a North American freshwater black bass, Micropterus dolomieu, that is a popular game fish
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small•mouth bass

(ˈsmɔlˌmaʊθ ˈbæs)
a North American freshwater game fish, Micropterus dolomieui, yellowish green above and lighter below, having the lower jaw extending to the eye. Compare largemouth bass.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.smallmouth bass - flesh of smallmouth bass
Micropterus dolomieu, smallmouth, smallmouth black bass, smallmouthed bass, smallmouthed black bass, smallmouth bass - a variety of black bass; the angle of the jaw falls below the eye
freshwater bass, bass - any of various North American freshwater fish with lean flesh (especially of the genus Micropterus)
2.smallmouth bass - a variety of black basssmallmouth bass - a variety of black bass; the angle of the jaw falls below the eye
black bass - widely distributed and highly prized American freshwater game fishes (sunfish family)
smallmouth bass - flesh of smallmouth bass
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achigan à petite bouche
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Kuhnle fishes waters ranging from deep sea fish in Kauai, king salmon in Alaska, redfish in Louisiana; muskies, pike, smallmouth bass and walleye in Canada; and trophy smallmouth bass in Sturgeon Bay.
They noted that differences between their results and similar work on largemouth and smallmouth bass in more northern regions may be due to differences in reproductive behaviors as Florida largemouth bass spawn over a longer time period, are less aggressive when defending their nests and less vulnerable to capture, and exhibit parental care for a shorter time period.
Seven of the papers focus on smallmouth bass, examining first year survival, the effect of temperature and streamflow variables, Michigan stream habitats, and the role of recovering river herring populations.
Non-native Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) are the primary predator in Lower Granite Reservoir (Anglea 1997; Naughton and others 2004; Erhardt and others 2018).
For another angle on the water, go fly-fishing for smallmouth bass, trout, and musky on a guided outing with one of the area's angler outfitters.
The river hosts a wealth of species, from three species of salmon (Atlantic, king and coho), trout, steelhead, smallmouth bass, pike, perch and more, which can be fished with fly or spinning tackle.
The sunfish family includes other creatures like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, and black bass.
Bluegill, sunfish, pumpkin seed, crappie, large- and smallmouth bass all put fishing above all other pastimes in my life.
It's a smallmouth bass and I've scared it off its nest.
Pickwick Lake is considered one of the nation's top smallmouth bass fishing areas, with average catches of two to three pounds and as high as five and six pounds.
For example from 1977 through 1980 the Blanco River was stocked with a total of 130,000 Smallmouth Bass (Littrell et al., 2007).