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As compared to XRF data, one can propose smaltite, (Co,Fe,Ni)[As.sub.2], (or cobaltite-CoAsS) for blue, taking into account the good collaboration of the local artists with the pigments' merchants from Bohemia.
(21) In this climate, we can well understand the Florentine Customs Consul's (console della Dogana) proposal to the Grand Duke Cosimo I, dated 1573, to use matricine wools of domestic production, due to their quality ("hoggi sono in assai miglior conditione"), when higher-priced Spanish wools were mostly diverted to Venice ("delle quali buona partita se ne sono smaltite per Vinegia [e] che sono molto alzate dipregio").
Smaltite is seen as single cuboctahedral crystals growing in this fine-grained rock to either side of the vein, with a gradation of largest to smallest crystals, and the quantity being largest and highest close to the vein.