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Adv.1.smarmily - in an unctuous mannersmarmily - in an unctuous manner    
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His concept for the early '60s satire of American business the story of a smarmily engaging young man who lies his way to the top is to stylistically turn up the volume, saturating the stage in candy colors and frantic dances.
The report issued by the doctors of Jinnah Post Graduate College was submitted in the court along with final challan after including ATC articles on the directives of advisor to CM Sindh Smarmily Farooqi.
Then came the smarmily titled blogs about the oGFail.
Yes, Theroux has an irritiating way of smarmily befriending people while being sickeningly sarcastic and condescending but most of his subjects deserve it.
He doesn't talk as smoothly - perhaps that should be smarmily - as some guests on other channels.
EVERY June, when the cost of the Royal Family is made public (last year it was pounds 37million) some Buckingham Palace lickspittle smarmily reminds us it translates to 62p per person, or two-thirds of a loaf.
And she is not as smarmily annoying as Mr Lineker has become, either.
Alfie's to camera commentary is retained, but you never get the same sense of it being a confidante, more of a gimmick that quickly becomes smarmily smug and irritating.