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smart al·eck

n. Informal
A person regarded as annoyingly self-assertive, especially for making impudent displays of knowledge.

[Perhaps after Aleck Hoag, 19th-century American confidence man and thief.]

smart′-al′eck, smart′-al′eck·y (-ĭ-kē) adj.
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An Amos Walker novel is more about atmosphere, smart-alecky dialogue, the deterioration of Detroit, and the hard-boiled persona.
On top of this extended capability, buyers get all the usual Scenic attributes, with an interior that's incredibly clever without being smart-alecky, strong equipment levels and unbeatable safety provision.
This time, the smart-alecky treasure hunter will be joined by his brother, portrayed by omnipresent video game actor Troy Baker.
8220;What McDougal wants to know is how Dylan pulled off one the great frauds in the history of American popular culture… In prose that is both irreverent and smart-alecky, the book revels in tearing down a '60s icon and his adoring fans.
Even so, no one thought he was anything other than a kind of brash, clumsy server and one who was a little smart-alecky to boot, like the guy in waiter-what's-this-fly-doing-in-my-soup routine.
As a journalism professor, I'm also annoyed that NPR allows too many grammatical mistakes by its reporters--lie/lay, none is--to slip through and that it permits its young, hip, smart-alecky reporters on Planet Money or Radio Lab to ask questions with crude expressions such as "butt-kicking" and "pissed off.
By which I mean that in a climate of blinkered, polarized politics, especially to a young smart-alecky New Yorker, the museum could appear to be a crude instrument of cold war propaganda.
Born in 1972, he seems to me like a smart-alecky adolescent who thinks youth and parental praise will last forever.
Freeman," she says, saying it kindly smart-alecky, which I don't much appreciate since someone's got to keep up with what's going on if anything gets done on this farm.
Dion HaynesVolkswagenAAEs US chief executive, Stefan Jacoby, sat on the front end of AoMaxAo, the black 1964 Beetle with the smart-alecky German accent that figures prominently in the automakerAAEs latest TV ad campaign.
There should be-something embarrassing about such goofy gambits, like calling a colorful painting Pretty or embellishing a cartoonish caped figure with three painted slats, but Aldrich nimbly navigates the line between coy and guileless, smart-alecky and dumb.
Russert, in a smart-alecky way, asked Paul, if we brought our troops home from Israel, who would be left to protect Israel?