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A portable computer that is smaller than a laptop, with less processing speed and less memory, used primarily for accessing the internet.

[Blend of (inter)net and notebook.]
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(Communications & Information) a type of small laptop computer
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The milSuite Smartbook further defines skills and knowledge that are essential for CBRN officers.
Krzanich then gave a rough timeline of events, including secret pacts between Intel and IBM, mutual agreements between itself and ARM that killed the early "smartbook" concept but led to Intel's withdrawal from the mobile market, and AMD's disastrous attempt to buck this shadowed conspiracy arrangement and go it alone.
In these cases, explicit probes or diagnostic tasks must be interspersed for adaptation purposes (e.g., SmartBook;
(11) The Joint Forces Operations and Doctrine Smartbook: Guide to Joint, Multinational and Interagency Operations, 2nd Revised Edition (Lakeland, FL: The Lightning Press, 2009), 3-24.
To assist its customers in staying on top of heightened purchasing demand, Blish-Mize developed a specialized report called the SmartBook, showing each of its customers' 2013 Blish-Mize purchases.
At the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, the company introduced its smartbook to Engadget.
Rewritten to be more accessible to students and professionals in fields outside of law, this second edition offers access to the text in SmartBook format.
Forces- Iraq, said bases are transitioned to the ment of Iraq through a "very deliberate, base transition process" that he says is outlined in "The USF-I Base Transition Smartbook."
Although its notebook PC manufacturing business has been undermined by its Taiwanese counterparts as Hon Hai Group and Pegatron Corp., the firm has secured another revenue growth drive from cloud computing in the form of Google and HP's contract orders for Chrome OS smartbook and web-OS-based TouchPad tablets, respectively.
How does McWilliams think Nvidia will do in the smartbook and tablet markets?
* Use a checklist to conduct the MDMP to standard (FM 5-0, Battle Staff SMARTBook, SOP).