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pl.n. (used with a sing. verb) Informal
A smart aleck.
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(ˈsmɑːtɪˌpænts) or


(functioning as singular) informal a would-be clever person
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smart′ al`eck

(or al`ec)

(ˈæl ɪk)
n. Informal.
an obnoxiously conceited and impertinent person.
[1860–65, Amer.; generic use of Aleck, nickname for Alexander]
smart′-al`eck•y, smart′-al`eck, adj.
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Informal. One who is obnoxiously self-assertive and arrogant:
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So some smarty-pants Australian dietitian has helpfully shared a snap of her kid's nutritionally balanced school lunch box.
The truth is, until we start seeing things the way God sees things, we are way more of a smarty-pants than a brainiac.
Even while accepting the invitation, smarty-pants Hunt couldn't pass up the opportunity to score political points.
But who needs boring hospitals, Rodney, when you can now be digitally informed by your cushty, smarty-pants meter that turning your TV, cooker, heating, lights and shower on will cost you a lot more money than if you sat bored, hungry and shivering in total darkness - while stinking of BO?
Which is hardly a make-or-break feature, but another example of how smarty-pants electronics is taking over the world.
Or Einstein can be pejorative, where teachers go, "Oh thank you Einstein," if you say something smarty-pants.
When I was growing up and going to public school in Brooklyn we had a name for the kid who seemed to know everything: "Smarty-pants." The Urban Dictionary nails the definition of smarty pants as " a person who knows the word 'lul-a-bye' comes from the Saxon words, 'lut,' meaning 'to sing' and 'bye' meaning 'to sleep,' and then brags about it in the weekly email newsletter."
Locked up with Rory is Towie's Arg, Former soap stars Jennifer Ellison, left, and Tupele Dorgu, Chaser smarty-pants Mark Labbett and my pal Jane McDonald.
My two sisters are serious smarty-pants, with the Cornell diplomas to prove it.
When news broke that North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Il died, smarty-pants Twitter users started mourning the Brooklyn-born rap star.
When it comes to smarty-pants career tropes, brain surgeon falls right up there with rocket scientist.
Elise Primavera's LOUISE THE BIG CHEESE AND THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL SMARTY-PANTS (9781442406001, $16.99) tells of a new school year and a girl who wants it to start off right.