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1. Serving to smash: a smashing blow to the head.
2. Informal Extraordinarily impressive or fine; wonderful: a smashing success.

smash′ing·ly adv.


in a smashing manner
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Adv.1.smashingly - with a loud crash; "the car went smash through the fence"
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She's written five smashingly successful books with a sixth book just out.
The year's first sleeper hit, Jordan Peele's satirical horror movie Get Out , was part of a larger trend of horror pictures that did smashingly well at the box office, including Split , Annabelle: Creation and It .
She was also given more chances than we could count to giggle herself silly at the non-stop stream of widely-pitched jokes, set-pieces and musical numbers as the gang's Neverland adventures continued, including encounters with Big Chief Tiger Billy, played smashingly by last year's Dandini, Wayne Smith, and Michael Potts' Lost Idiot.
Caption: GOLD MINE--Hassan Aliazam Yazdanicharati was the only Iranian at this year's Wrestling World Championships to win gold--but he did it smashingly, defeating opponents by the scores of 12-2, 100, 10-0, 4-0 and 10-0.
Let me tell you, palangga, about The Palace in Bonifacio Global City's smashingly successful Halloween bash dubbed 'Space Odyssey,' which drew guests dressed as ghoulish aliens.
And what makes the dynamic interesting is every one got along smashingly.
In "The Nice Guys," a smashingly fun and disreputable mystery-comedy-free-for-all directed with a wink of trashy zest by Shane Black, Russell Crowe plays a freelance thug for hire--the sort of guy who will keep your teenage daughter from dating a druggie sleazebag by paying a visit to the sleazebag's house and bashing him in the face with brass knuckles.
The eye is smashingly set with pave diamonds and blue sapphires, then enveloped in a pyramid crafted of 14K yellow gold.
The P25 v2 boasts a smashingly sleek outline accompanied by stylish chrome yellow and silver trim, making this speedy gaming machine stand out from the crowd as its astonishing performance edges over competitors.
Philippines Day presents "On the Job," a sensation at the 2013 Cannes Directors' Fortnight, directed by Erik Matti, starring Piolo Pascual and Joel Torre, and "Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel", the latest chapter in a smashingly successful comedy franchise, directed by Chris Martinez, starring Eugene DOMINGO.
He did smashingly well but needs a couple of weeks full training and then a full game or two.