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adj. smear·i·er, smear·i·est
1. Having been smeared.
2. Tending to smear or soil.

smear′i·ness n.
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adj, -rier or -riest
smeared, dirty; blurred by smearing
ˈsmearily adv
ˈsmeariness n
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(ˈsmɪər i)

adj. smear•i•er, smear•i•est.
1. showing smears; smeared.
2. tending to smear or soil.
smear′i•ness, n.
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adj (+er) glassverschmiert; clothesschmierig; (= likely to smear) paint, inkschmierend
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Pretending to read a smeary newspaper long out of date, which had nothing half so legible in its local news, as the foreign matter of coffee, pickles, fish-sauces, gravy, melted butter, and wine, with which it was sprinkled all over, as if it had taken the measles in a highly irregular form, I sat at my table while he stood before the fire.
The skipper of the Sephora had a thin red whisker all round his face, and the sort of complexion that goes with hair of that color; also the particular, rather smeary shade of blue in the eyes.
"Such a young man, too!" he nodded, keeping his smeary blue, unintelligent eyes fastened upon me.
"Good God!" he uttered, impressively, fixing his smeary blue eyes on me.
Why, you're just so much smeary glass to see through, you know!
There was a smeary wetness on his fingers, which he wiped away on the side of his trousers.
The result is a cleaner, clearer high end, removing dull, "smeary" highs or "spitty" audio.
Second-born son turned 13 last week, which can't be right because in my mind he's still a 9lb 2oz smeary bundle, freshly arrived in this world, screaming the place down (that last part might have been me - he was mahoosive, for goodness sake).
They dragged tails of dressing gown cords, and in the smeary light one saw how frayed and dingy their clothes were.
The usual smeary lenses through which the region is viewed are blessedly absent.
associated with all the unpleasant, smeary, wobbling vocalisms that one ever heard ...