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also smid·geon or smid·gin  (smĭj′ən)
A very small quantity or portion; a bit or mite: "a smidgen of genius, a sliver of cutting truth" (John Simon).

[Probably alteration of dialectal smitch, particle, perhaps ultimately from Middle English smite, perhaps from past participle of smiten, to smite; see smite.]


(ˈsmɪdʒən) ,




informal a very small amount or part
[C20: of obscure origin]


or smid•gin or smid•geon

(ˈsmɪdʒ ən)

a very small amount.
[1835–45; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.smidgen - a tiny or scarcely detectable amountsmidgen - a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude


also smidgeon or smidgin



smidgin [ˈsmɪdʒən] N a smidgen ofun poquito de, un poquitín de


smidgeon, smidgin [ˈsmɪdʒən] n
a smidgen → un peu


, smidgin
n (inf) just a smidgen for mefür mich nur ein (→ klitzekleines (inf)) → bisschen
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The penultimate 1m4f handicap may offer just a smidgen of the prize-money on offer for the big handicap hurdle, but it could throw up one of the stories of the week with One Cool Poet attempting to win for the third time in five days.
It confirmed that Boris Johnson doesn't do detail; Jeremy Hunt is king of bland; Michael "I have a detailed plan" Gove continues to be irritatingly posh; and Sajid Javid a smidgen too desperate to impress.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 28 (ANI): If there was even a smidgen of doubt left, Billy Cyrus has confirmed that his daughter Miley Cyrus is now married to her longtime fiance Liam Hemsworth.
Only a smidgen of silverware has been claimed throughout the North East in the 43 years since we recorded the Beeb show - Middlesbrough's League Cup victory of 2004, with not a sausage for Newcastle or Sunderland.
Wholesale inventories posted a 0.1% June rise that exceeded the flat figure in the advance report, but the May gain was revised down to 0.3% from 0.4% to leave that figure a smidgen below assumptions as well.
Alongside the picture she wrote: "Cozzie and trainers and a smidgen of underboob (I'm all give) .
This maneuver uses a smidgen less yarn and tightens everything up perfectly!
DOWN: 1 Magnums 2 Chutzpah 3 Arch 4 Open-cast 5 Oslo 6 Cycle 8 Short-change 13 Hat-trick 14 Teetotal 15 Smidgen 18 Patch 20 Save 21 Crew.
Kina Wileke, head of external corporate communication at Volvo Group, commented: "The film is the result of a good idea, good teamwork and just a smidgen of creative craziness.
They have engaged the services of one of L.A.'s most successful real estate agents to surreptitiously shop it around, with an asking price just a smidgen shy of $20 million.
Sydney's S&P-ASX 200 retreated a smidgen to 5,369.60 and New Zealand also declined.
So let's say that's PS508,000 per aircraft in total, just a smidgen over PS1m per mission.