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Any of various extinct saber-toothed cats of the genus Smilodon, having very long upper canines and widespread in Europe and the Americas during the late Pleistocene Epoch. Also called saber-toothed tiger.

[New Latin Smīlodōn, genus name : Greek smīlē, carving knife + -odon.]
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(Palaeontology) the genus of extinct big cats of the Pleistocene epoch to which the sabre-toothed tiger belongs
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Smilodon: This sabre-toothed big cat could open its mouth to 120 degrees and use its enormous teeth to bring down bison across the Americas.
Smilodon: This sabre-toothed big cat could open its mouth 120 degrees and use its enormous teeth to bring down bison across the Americas.
It includes Tyrannosaurus Rex and Smilodon, the sabre-toothed cat that terrorised North America.
Transforming an educational presentation into a playful and interactive exhibition, viewers can learn about the harsh living conditions of the people of that time and their battle against wild animals, discover the wonders of extinct animals and come very close to touching the coat of a mammoth, a saber tooth tiger, a smilodon, a majestic tiger and the giant beaver.
Twelve papers describe the history of Smilodon discoveries, the phylogenetic context of the sabertooth cat, killing biomechanics and tooth development in Smilodon fatalis, skull and postcranial morphology, and paleopathology research conducted at Rancho La Brea.
challenge installing the without too much Intimidating guests as they embark on their adventure, a ferocious smilodon will guard the entrance to the exhibit amongst rock work with the Ice Age lettering emblazoned underneath.
I live in Los Angeles, and in 2002 I voiced the evil Smilodon Soto in Ice Age.
Homotherium differs from the more widely known saber-toothed tiger, Smilodon, which despite its name, was not closely related to tigers.
(2003) analyzed the presence of bone pathology in the extinct mammalian predator Smilodon to explore the question of sociality.
En menor medida se reporta la ocurrencia de carnivoros: Canidae (Theriodictis, Protocyon y Dusicyon avus), Felidae (Smilodon) y al menos una especie de Ursidae (Arctotherium tarijensis).
As part of inktank's school holiday activities, children can see replicas and fossils of many creatures including the sabre-toothed tiger Smilodon, and Megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived.
The mountain lion is one of the most recently evolved felids, a New World species that at its beginnings shared the landscape with dire wolves, carnivorous short-faced bears, and the terrifying smilodon, a massive saber-toothed cat capable of taking down bison.