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intr.v. smirked, smirk·ing, smirks
To smile in an annoying self-satisfied manner.
An annoying self-satisfied smile.

[Middle English smirken, from Old English smercian, to smile; see smei- in Indo-European roots.]

smirk′er n.
smirk′ing·ly, smirk′i·ly adv.
smirk′y adj.
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Noun1.smirker - a smiler whose smile is offensively self-satisfied
smiler - a person who smiles
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GOOD Morning Britain professional smirker Sean Fletcher mistaking a World Cup report from Rio de Janeiro for Wish You Were Here: "Nothing quite beats the feeling of the Ipanema sand between the toes."
A planet in peril, two un-winnable wars and economic collapse hardly brew up the cup that cheers, though the self-satisfied smirker who fiddled his election and then bluffed his way through the job doesn't see it that way.
Especially comedy Dutchman Det Van Houten, who almost bedded perpetual superior smirker Blake.
She wins the Virgin Radio poll for hitting out at X Factor judge Simon Cowell and attacking Steve 'Creepy Smirker' Brookstein.
But two defeats on from here, will promises of support for this honourable man from the discredited Professor Smirker McKenzie count for anything?