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intr.v. smirked, smirk·ing, smirks
To smile in an annoying self-satisfied manner.
An annoying self-satisfied smile.

[Middle English smirken, from Old English smercian, to smile; see smei- in Indo-European roots.]

smirk′er n.
smirk′ing·ly, smirk′i·ly adv.
smirk′y adj.


adj, -kier or -kiest
1. resembling a smirk
2. smirking
References in classic literature ?
He introduced himself, smiling a smirky smile borrowed from the courtiers of the stage, extended a fair-skinned talon, and while he gripped my hand in it he bent his body forward three times at the hips, as the stage courtier does, and said in the airiest and most condescending and patronizing way--I quite remember his exact language:
Every president, whatever his virtues, has had his terrible flaws: From Richard Nixon's brooding darkness to Jimmy Carter's dour naivete, from Ronald Reagan's sunny cluelessness to Barack Obama's lightweight self-regard, from George Bush 41's disconnected privilege to his son's smirky frat-boy mien.
His smirky grin is replaced by something else, or more accurately, there is something deeper, harder, behind it.
Willis, like his character, remains game for anything, but it's questionable how much fun he's having going through his usual smirky moves in such bottom-of-the-barrel fare.
Other luminaries admit to working extra hard to be 'different,' but point out that they're simply reflecting their generation's 'penchant for obscure pop cultural references, iconoclasm and smirky irony.
Last year he married his partner of 13 years, make-up artist Lou, and is dad to Milo, seven, and Dixie, four - smirky smiles (he's a bit shy) creep on his face when he talks about them.
From smirky face to hearts, stars, babies, hourglasses, purple zodiac signs and more, we've got every Snapchat emoji found in the app and what it means listed here.
When Woody Harrelson's hypnotist in a pork-pie hat reduces his targets to a putty-like trance, he now does it with even more smirky panache.
Millions of us have watched each week as Bitchy Judge (Simon Cowell), Picky Judge (Alesha Dixon ), Soppy Judge (Amanda Holden) and Smirky Judge (David Walliams) sit with their hands hovering over those nasty buzzers, wielding their power over an endless stream of auditioners.
For example, Lee "had this little side glance that she would do sometimes and a kind of smirky little smile that were just typical of her," she said.
After a few years as a smirky adolescent with the usual interest in video games and Internet porn, Mason emerges as an artsy counterculture teenager with a passion for photography and existential pondering.
As the cold pressed in, the pipe lengthened and thickened with days and weeks, until the ice on the pipe was an elephant's truck with a smirky tip where wind had shaped it and the water dripped out.