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n. pl. smith·er·ies
1. The occupation or craft of a smith.
2. See smithy.


n, pl -eries
1. (Metallurgy) the trade or craft of a blacksmith
2. (Metallurgy) a rare word for smithy


(ˈsmɪθ ə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
the work, craft, or workshop of a smith.


nSchmiedekunst f, → Schmiedehandwerk nt; (= single piece of work)Schmiedearbeit f
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Before the community diminished, it housed a church, chapels, a school, post office, grocery, butchers and a smithery. In 1864, its population stood at around 1,000 with 300 of its men and boys working in the mines, but numbers began to dwindle with the loss of work.
Ruth Mary Jewellery can be found online at as well as at the Smithery, (Warwick), Artiful Expression (Birmingham Jewellery Quarter) and the Bumblebee Gallery (Kendel).
Ruth Mary Jewellery can be found online atwww.ruthmary.comas well as at the Smithery, (Warwick), Artiful Expression (Birmingham Jewellery Quarter) and the Bumblebee Gallery (Kendel).
A bear comes even five times per night and we have to chase it off, he explained for TASR.During the event, shepherd skills were shown, such as milking goats, folk crafts, smithery and woodcarving.
He added that Egyptians work different jobs, particularly in smithery, agriculture, and as musicians.
"The Best Poetry of 2016," written by Cornell University Professor of the Practice David Orr, and published in the New York Times, was, as expected, nothing more, nothing less, than typical establishment-poetry vacuity, highlighted not only by Orr's own masterful word smithery, but also by the 10 books chosen and very, very briefly examined.
While first-light imagery revealed a suboptimal green band, through a bit of "spectral smithery," a hybrid technique has been crafted to overcome this band's main deficiencies.
It's at brick kilns, gold and silver smithery, automobile workshops, eateries, rice mills, embroidery factories, construction sites, mills, garbage sites, plastic industries, quarries and farms.