smoked eel

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Noun1.smoked eel - eel cured by smoking
eel - the fatty flesh of eel; an elongate fish found in fresh water in Europe and America; large eels are usually smoked or pickled
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But the interest of the day's proceedings for us is centred neither in the learned discourse of our friend Van Systens, however eloquent it might be, nor in the young dandies, resplendent in their Sunday clothes, and munching their heavy cakes; nor in the poor young peasants, gnawing smoked eels as if they were sticks of vanilla sweetmeat; neither is our interest in the lovely Dutch girls, with red cheeks and ivory bosoms; nor in the fat, round mynheers, who had never left their homes before; nor in the sallow, thin travellers from Ceylon or Java; nor in the thirsty crowds, who quenched their thirst with pickled cucumbers; -- no, so far as we are concerned, the real interest of the situation, the fascinating, dramatic interest, is not to be found here.
But we devoured four amusebouches beforehand: flavour bombs of black pudding with pickled gooseberry; colourful flowers atop sumptuous smoked eel with fermented garlic in a brittle potato nest; raw mackerel with radish; a bright, on-point oyster with dill and fennel.
If none of that gives you the heebiejeebies, sample some smoked eel yourself at the award-winning Farmers Market which is open every weekend.
Measured, thoughtful technique and a respect for the seasons underpin everything, from a starter of Evesham tomatoes with flamed mackerel, tomato and coriander broth to Brixham cod with smoked eel, onions and monk's beard or Cornish lamb with potato puree, black garlic, baby leeks and hispi cabbage.
I enjoyed another stellar meal there back in June, fully justifying the six stars I had given it in my previous review: Lindisfarne oyster, tiny cones of chicken liver, beetroot and smoked eel meringues before the meal; scallop, halibut, 40-day aged beef and apple and blackberries during; and a big contented grin all the way home.
At Cafe, however, the menu will include smoked eel roll with salted egg, wok-fried beef with Beijing onion and garlic, braised duck with prawn and morel mushroom and salted pepper crab.
The a la carte menu also uses some of the freshest local fish, including Gower Peninsula mussels cooked in Gwynt-Y-Ddraig cider, and Severn & Wye smoked eel.
According to Matt, it's perfect for a late summer starter, replacing the smoked eel with pickled apple.
Among the restaurants sample menu is pearl oyster and sea scallop sashimi, fennel milk, summer squash, smoked eel tapioca, egg white pearl flower, and wasabi.
At the bottom of the light-as-a-cloud custard are precious pieces of mushrooms, smoked eel, fish, scallop, squid, and chicken.
The five-course menu includes foie gras and smoked eel terrine with homemade piccalilli; steak and kidney dumpling and Scottish salmon.
To those unfamiliar, the sashimi is five slices of raw fish ranging from yellow fin tuna to scallops, octopus and smoked eel.