smoked salmon

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Noun1.smoked salmon - salmon cured by smoking
salmon - flesh of any of various marine or freshwater fish of the family Salmonidae
lox - brine-cured salmon that is lightly smoked
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Before he went to bed she always got him a lunch of smoked salmon or anchovies and beer.
They lived on an almost straight- meat diet of moose, caribou, and smoked salmon, eked out with wild berries and somewhat succulent wild roots they had stocked up with in the summer.
The revenue of the smoked salmon market in the European Union amounted to $4.3B in 2018, approximately reflecting the previous year.
Release date- 07082019 - A CUMBRIAN smoked salmon company has won yet another coveted three-star Great Taste Award.
Aberdeen-based Royal Warrant holder, John Ross Jr - one of the last remaining producers of traditionally prepared Scottish Smoked Salmon - has created two salmon products exclusively for fellow warrant-holder, Aberdeenshire's Donald Russell - Scottish Smoked Salmon with Malt Whisky and Scottish Smoked Salmon with Cracked Black Pepper.
Most supermarkets stick hot smoked salmon fillets which are already cooked and ready to eat, plus decent fishmongers will have home smoked ones.
A combination of cooked and smoked salmon, hot-smoked salmon, stuffed eggs and cucumber, plus yoghurt and dill salad makes the ideal al fresco sharer for friends
A bagel slathered with cream cheese and draped with luxurious slices of smoked salmon is up there on the short list of reasons I'd actually be happy to venture out of bed on the weekends.
The health ministry on Tuesday recalled a batch of smoked salmon slices after listeria was detected in the product.
-*- The second recipe is Tea Smoked Salmon curated by Jaydeep Mukherjee, Brand Head at Smoke House Deli, Impresario Handmade Restaurants Pvt Ltd.
From prosecco infused prosciutto, to bucks fizz smoked salmon, to rum-laden mince pies - this festive season Tesco has a range of foods infused with well-known tipples to help hosts impress this Christmas.
I can never resist smoked salmon whenever I see it on a breakfast buffet table.