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A structure in which meat or fish is cured with smoke.


(Cookery) a building or special construction for curing meat, fish, etc, by smoking



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
a building or place in which meat, fish, etc., are cured with smoke.


A small building designed to be filled with wood smoke and to hold meat to be “smoked.” Since smoking could take several days, the operation was only done when the temperature was low enough for the meat to not spoil. To keep the stove producing the smoke from heating up the smokehouse, it was sometimes placed outside the house and the smoke piped in. More often though, a small fire was built on the smokehouse floor (dirt or rock) and tended by the farm children.
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Noun1.Smokehouse - a small house where smoke is used to cure meat or fishsmokehouse - a small house where smoke is used to cure meat or fish
house - a building in which something is sheltered or located; "they had a large carriage house"
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A farm smokehouse had to be kept heavily padlocked, or even the colored deacon himself could not resist a ham when Providence showed him in a dream, or otherwise, where such a thing hung lonesome, and longed for someone to love.
Smiths Dock and Smokehouse development in North Shields and, right, George Clarke
The smokehouse first launched in the UAE in December 2017 with its first branch in JBR under Manhattan Pit Master, Hugh Magnum.
Dogs and humans who came into contact with recently manufactured products by Raws for Paws and Smokehouse Pet Products were found to be at risk of contracting salmonella, according to the recall notices.
Award-winning Aberdeen-based smokehouse, John Ross Jr, has launched a new Scottish Smoked Trout product.
THE former Pageant pub in Southport is set to be transformed into a Hickory's Smokehouse restaurant.
And Rub Smokehouse will be behind a prison tray of tasty grub as the festival gets under way with The Shawshank Redemption.
WHAT'S ON AND WHEN | AUG 12 - Edward Scissorhands + DDC Street Food | JULY 28 - The Shawshank Redemption + Rub Smokehouse | AUG 18 - Special event - details to be confirmed | JULY 29 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail + Rub Smokehouse | AUG 19 - Stand By Me + DDC Street Food + Pietanic | AUG 4 - The Goonies + DDC Street Food Tom Scott of the Original Patty Men will be serving up some epic new burgers for their screenings | AUG 20 - Special Event via Flatpack Film Festival - Regency Wharf's Gateway to India - details tbc | AUG 5 - Pulp Fiction + DDC Street Food | SEPT 1 - Moonrise Kingdom DDC Street Food | AUG 10 - Ratatouille + Baked in Brick | AUG 25 - The Big Lebowski + Original Patty Men | SEPT 2 - Reservoir Dogs + | AUG 11 - The Italian Job 1969 | AUG 26 - Withnail and I +
Por la noche, el matrimonio fue visto cenando en el restaurante Rooftop Smokehouse, acompanados por los padres del actor, Nick y Nina.
8 Alternatively, you can let the experts handle thing son the catering front Samantha Evans and Shauna Guinn from Hangfire Smokehouse will be on hand with their acclaimed Southernstyle slow cooking.
Nine lags are paid PS28 a week to run a smokehouse producing the tasty dish and other meats and fish.