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A firefighter who drops by parachute into a forest fire.
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(ˈsmoʊkˌdʒʌm pər)

a firefighter who parachutes to forest fires inaccessible to ground crews.
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DI will provide commercial aircraft maintenance services for ten aircraft that are FAA-certificated as Short Brother SD3-60s and are operated in support of the Forest Service Smokejumper program.
In Shasta County, Matt Smith, a Forest Service pilot with 13 years' experience as a smokejumper, says he used hoses to save his house in the well-kept neighborhood of Lake Redding Estates.
former wildland firefighter and smokejumper, current federal employee
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"Protecting Our Heroes" includes a search and rescue specialist who helps save flood victims, a smokejumper who parachutes into remote locations to fight wildfires, and the nation's first female bomb technician.
Bighorn Airways aircraft technicians support operations in Alaska and the Lower 48 on a 24/7 basis during the wildfire season, primarily for smokejumper and paracargo delivery to remote locations.
The G950-equipped Sherpa aircraft will be utilized to support wildland fire operations, including smokejumper, passenger and cargo missions.
The remaining fatalities occurred in three separate events, two during smokejumper operations and another during rappelling operations.
He worked 16 years as a wildland firefighter (including seven years as a smokejumper) in Washington, Alaska and Idaho, and is a retired elementary school teacher.
In twenty-nine chapters, Morrison deals with a wide range of issues: Daniels' childhood, passion for outdoor adventure, and early career as a smokejumper in Montana; his arrival and employment as a "cargo kicker" with Air America and the CIA in Laos in 1961; his assignment as an air operations officer working directly with the Hmong at Lima Site 36, Na Khang, in Military Region 2 from 1965 to 1968; his transfer to Long Cheng to work directly with Vang Pao as his case officer/advisor and the CIA's chief of operations from 1970 to 1973; his vital role in the evacuation of the Hmong from Long Cheng to Thailand on 14 May 1975; his decision to stay in Thailand to work as a refugee coordinator for the U.S.
The author would like to thank former NPCA employee Ann Froschauer and Chuck Sheley, the editor of Smokejumper Magazine, for their enormous assistance with this story.
Their daughter, Sarah, is finishing a residency in Pediatrics at UCSF and their son, Christopher, is a Smokejumper with the Forest Service.