smoker's cough

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smok·er's cough

A rough, dry cough caused by excessive smoking of tobacco.
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It's probably easier to explain "smoker's cough" or emphysema to them.
Dr Rauf said that symptoms of the disease develop slowly and are ignored by most of the patient as 'old age' or 'smoker's cough' which is a dangerous attitude and by the time it is realized they have often lost a significant amount of lung function.
SMOKER'S COUGH "SMOKERS commonly develop a cough due to the negative impact smoking has on the airways, whereby movement of natural mucus can be slowed down, causing us to need to cough to move this along.
The irritant substances of smoke generally cause ' smoker's cough' and coughing bursts some of the weakened alveoli.
The public service announcement (PSA) graphically shows that while a smoker's cough tells the smoker they have a health problem, a persistent cough over two weeks or more could indicate that problem is TB.
They also irritate the throat, cause bad breath, and damage the airways leading to 'smoker's cough.' 'The research results are important and the situation is dangerous,' said former director of the National Chest Disease Hospital and renowned physician Ali Hossain.
'Your smoker's cough might be COPD, that episodic upper respiratory tract infection that you thought might be viral could be COPD,' Trinidad said.
The same hands covering his mouth while his body wracked, trying to drag breath deeply up from the bottom of a phlegmy smoker's cough. Only Daddy didn't smoke.
Additionally, some patients attribute their cough or phlegm to being simply a 'smoker's cough' and not a pathological entity," says Dr.
2 Dawn Preston's African grey parrot Alfie started copying her smoker's cough. Dawn, who smokes 25 a day, says Alfie sounds just like her.
This is possibly because many don't seek help, dismissing symptoms as a "smoker's cough", for instance.