smoker's cough

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smok·er's cough

A rough, dry cough caused by excessive smoking of tobacco.
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The public service announcement (PSA) graphically shows that while a smoker's cough tells the smoker they have a health problem, a persistent cough over two weeks or more could indicate that problem is TB.
Your smoker's cough might be COPD, that episodic upper respiratory tract infection that you thought might be viral could be COPD,' Trinidad said.
Builders, apparently, have been rubbing it on their knees for years to ease arthritis and spraying it on their chests to soothe a smoker's cough.
The same hands covering his mouth while his body wracked, trying to drag breath deeply up from the bottom of a phlegmy smoker's cough.
2 Dawn Preston's African grey parrot Alfie started copying her smoker's cough.
It is easy to confuse COPD with other conditions such as smoker's cough and shortness of breath due to ageing but if your father is a smoker and he begins to experience coughing with phlegm and an unusual breathing pattern, consult a doctor.
But there is nothing cool about a smoker's cough, stinking clothes - and in many cases an early and painful death.
The loss of cilia leads to the development of smoker's cough.
Dubai: Smokers who dismiss a slight but persistent cough, commonly referred to as smoker's cough, should be cautioned about the indication of a serious respiratory syndrome, said experts on Sunday.
Then there's the smoker's cough, which tends to get worse after the fags have been binned.
As soon as she quit, Drayton started realising the benefits of a cigarette-free life, as smoking gave her a smoker's cough during winters, and stopped her from walking long distances.
Barrett, a 65-year-old with a Texas accent who confesses to a slight smoker's cough and whose red shoes matched her red-framed glasses, gave a somewhat unorthodox talk about her unorthodox airline to an unusual audience (part board of trustees, part football team members staying up until their practice started at 9:30 p.