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or smoke screen  (smōk′skrēn′)
1. A mass of dense artificial smoke used to conceal military areas or operations from an enemy.
2. An action or statement used to conceal actual plans or intentions.
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1. (Military) military a cloud of smoke produced by artificial means to obscure movements or positions
2. something said or done in order to hide the truth
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Noun1.smokescreen - (military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movementssmokescreen - (military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements
screen - a protective covering consisting of netting; can be mounted in a frame; "they put screens in the windows for protection against insects"; "a metal screen protected the observers"
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
2.smokescreen - an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure; "requesting new powers of surveillance is just a smokescreen to hide their failures"
concealing, hiding, concealment - the activity of keeping something secret
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سِتار من الدُّخانشَيْءٌ يُقْصَدُ به إخْفاء نَشاط الشَّخْص
kouřová clona
dymová clona
duman perdesigerçeği gizleyen şey


[ˈsməʊkskriːn] N (lit, fig) → cortina f de humo
to put up a smokescreen (fig) → entenebrecer un asunto, enmarañar un asunto (para despistar a la gente)
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(sməuk) noun
1. the cloudlike gases and particles of soot given off by something which is burning. Smoke was coming out of the chimney; He puffed cigarette smoke into my face.
2. an act of smoking (a cigarette etc). I came outside for a smoke.
1. to give off smoke.
2. to draw in and puff out the smoke from (a cigarette etc). I don't smoke, but he smokes cigars.
3. to dry, cure, preserve (ham, fish etc) by hanging it in smoke.
smoked adjective
treated with smoke. smoked cheese.
ˈsmokeless adjective
1. allowing no smoke. Our part of the town is a smokeless zone.
2. burning without smoke. smokeless fuel.
ˈsmoker noun
a person who smokes cigarettes etc. When did you become a smoker?; He's a pipe-smoker.
ˈsmoking noun
the habit of smoking cigarettes etc. He has given up cigarette-smoking at last; Smoking can damage your health.
ˈsmoky adjective
1. filled with, or giving out (too much) smoke. The atmosphere in the room was thick and smoky.
2. like smoke in appearance etc.


smoke detector
a device in a building which sounds a fire alarm when smoke passes through it.
ˈsmokescreen noun
1. a cloud of smoke used to conceal the movements of troops etc.
2. something intended to conceal one's activities etc.
go up in smoke
1. to be completely destroyed by fire. The whole house went up in smoke.
2. to vanish very quickly leaving nothing behind. All his plans have gone up in smoke.
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Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh has written a letter for politicians to sign that accuses Asda of using potential contract changes as a "smokescreen" for unpaid breaks and shortened night shifts.
Carlos Isagani Zarate meanwhile warned that the ongoing martial law in Mindanao might be used as a smokescreen 'to short circuit and even do away with the rules on bidding and procurement process, which can potentially open windows for graft and corruption for this multibillion program.'
"NCIS: Los Angeles" Season 10, episode 15 is titled "Smokescreen, Part II." The episode will air on Feb.
A pledge that health services will not be hit by cuts in local government spending was described as "a smokescreen" in September 1979.
The NGO which described all claims of the Federal Government and its agencies on the remediation exercise as smokescreen condemned the delay and continous shift on the date of the commencement of the exericise.
So how will the character of Hungary change now?Miklos Haraszti (MH): This whole pseudo-ideological quasi-identity political talk about migration was just a smokescreen.
POLICE were accused yesterday of "setting up a smokescreen" to hinder a PS9million legal claim by a former Rangers administrator.
THE decision to put Liverpool's biggest college under the control of a Government spending watchdog has been branded a "smokescreen" for massive budget cuts.
CLAIMS that a fresh Stormont inquiry into the Nama controversy would prejudice a criminal inquiry have been branded a smokescreen designed to thwart accountability.
A PERVERT tried to cover up his illegal sexual relationship with a schoolgirl by using a fake Facebook account as a smokescreen. Thomas Stephenson Wade was 30 when he began to have sexual activity with the 13-year-old after grooming her with gifts and flirtatious text messages.
DOCTORS should prescribe newer medications rather than using the "smokescreen" of aspirin to treat a common heart condition, guidance released today advises.
AN MP accused George Osborne of creating a "smokescreen of desperate falsehoods" as he appeared to admit defeat on a pledge to bring annual net immigration below 100,000 by the general election.