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Noun1.smoking carriage - a passenger car for passengers who wish to smokesmoking carriage - a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke
carriage, passenger car, coach - a railcar where passengers ride
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The Health Secretary came under fire from all sides for the "smoking carriage" compromise.
I can remember that the one smoking carriage on each train was revolting - eventually smokers used it more as a lounge - popping in there for a smoke and then retreating to a non-smoking carriage for a decent environment to travel in.
He said: "Many experts believe the "smoking carriage" proposal was unworkable.
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell is leading opposition to the so-called "smoking carriage" compromise.
But it was widely reported yesterday that Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt planned to bring in a blanket ban, with smoking in pubs restricted to "smoking carriage" rooms with no staff, no bar and no food.
"What was actually happening was that people were not being able to get seating in non-smoking seats and were choosing to stand in the corridors rather than sit in the smoking carriage.
A friend booking a journey two weeks in advance was told that the only train she could take that day was at 6.30am and her seat would have to be in the smoking carriage. She was brusquely informed that nowadays you have to book up months in advance.
Addicts will be lucky to find a train with a smoking carriage any longer.
Reports suggested that Ms Hewitt was considering restricting tobacco to "smoking carriage" rooms in pubs, with no bar, no food and no staff.
GNER had kept one smoking carriage in standard class and one in first class but decided on the ban after a 172% rise in customer complaints over two years.
Anyone taking a Virgin train from Cov-entry to London through Rugby or along the West Coast mainline northwards will find there isn't a smoking carriage in first or second class.