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Noun1.smoking mixture - a blend of tobaccos to be smoked in a pipe
baccy, tobacco - leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
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"I've tasted worse smoking mixtures in a pipe," he added, with a philosophic shrug of his shoulders, as he took a couple of cigars from the case I offered him, putting one in his mouth and the other in his pocket.
There are also smoking-related signs for Park Drive, Capstan, Woodbine, Bristol tipped, Ogden's Robin cigarettes, Wills Gold Flake, Clarke's Perfect Plug, Boar's Head and Sweet Crop Smoking Mixture tobacco.
The smoking mixtures tend to come in colourful packaging, often with labels describing the contents as incense or herbal smoking mixture, and the contents look like dried herbs or plant cuttings but they have been sprayed with potent chemicals.
Others may feel ill or paranoid.It is normally sold as a herbal smoking mixture.
Synthetic cannabis is usually served in a 'herbal' smoking mixture and normally has the same effects - good and bad - as the drug it is designed to copy including paranoia, panic attacks and forgetfulness.
At the moment, herbal smoking mixture Spice is a legal drug, marketed as a natural high.