(smō′kīng-ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
Marked by indecency; obscene: smoking-room humor.
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References in classic literature ?
Only one member of the assembly in the smoking-room took the part of this much-abused woman, and declared that her character had been most cruelly and most unjustly assailed.
As Tarzan walked slowly toward the smoking-room he came unexpectedly upon two men whispering excitedly just without.
Being void of self-expression they confide their views to none; But sometimes, in a smoking-room, one learns why things were done.
As I enter the club smoking-room you are to conceive David vanishing into nothingness, and that it is any day six years ago at two in the afternoon.
Brinkworth through the smoking-room window," pursued her ladyship.
The appearance of Lady Lydiard's card in the smoking-room had been an alarming event for Lady Lydiard's adopted daughter.
On the left, the door of the smoking-room. A pair of folding doors at the back open into the drawing-room.
`But come into the smoking-room. It's too long a story to tell over greasy plates.' And ringing the bell in passing, he led the way into the adjoining room.
He passed on into the smoking-room and found all four of the young people gathered around the table.
A corresponding door on the left hand gives access to the billiard-room, to the smoking-room next to it, and to a smaller hall commanding one of the secondary entrances to the building.
When we were through, I decided to get myself out of the embarrassing situation and go to the smoking-room, where most of the men were by that time, to see how the land lay.
This morning she appeared in the smoking-room. All I could do was to seize my hat and fly.