smoky topaz

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smok′y to′paz

smoky quartz used as a gemstone.
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The bride wore a pear-shaped smoky topaz ring belonging to her maternal grandmother as her "something borrowed.
The color palette is a mix of misty gray, earthy tans, and soft golds, with adobe and smoky topaz.
In case you're wondering she is rocking the Smoky Topaz and Velvet Plum Long-Wearing eye shadows with Jet and Mahogany eye liners on the eyes.
The vehicle is available in seven colours, Tafetta White, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Smoky Topaz Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Celestial Blue Metallic and Mocha Metallic.
The jewellery chain has picked out four key pieces for summer: 1 This eye-catching Sterling silver cocktail ring is designed using beautiful champagne, garnet, smoky topaz, blue topaz and green amethyst semi-precious stones for serious stand-out style.
Bronze metallic leather with cross-stitch trim; braided strap hosts smoky topaz jewels.
75; pear shaped gemstone cabochon pendant and silk cord, pounds 21; gem statements double strand smoky topaz necklace, pounds 51, and Uffizi large pendant (no chain) pounds 21.
A few very small, bright-yellow acicular crystals were found while collecting smoky topaz.
Displayed in a downtown Chicago jewelry store window was a stunning smoky topaz stone that first romanced Suzanne Le Mignot.
Always strong on Faberge, Wartski do not disappoint with a gem-set and enamelled gold cup in the form of a shell carved from smoky topaz supported on a coiled enamelled snake.
And going for ``simple elegance,'' actress Kim Raver, who will join the cast of ``24,'' this season, accessorized with a smoky topaz around her neck.
The palette features several new colors, including Plum Fairy, Smoky Topaz, Smoke and Mirrors, Mystic Peacock and Midnight Forest.