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also smoul·der (smōl′dər)
intr.v. smol·dered, smol·der·ing, smol·ders also smoul·dered or smoul·der·ing or smoul·ders
1. To burn with little smoke and no flame.
2. To exist in a suppressed state: Revolution smoldered in the masses.
3. To show signs of repressed anger or hatred.
Thick smoke resulting from a slow fire.

[Middle English smolderen, to suffocate, from smolder, smoke, probably alteration of smorther, from Old English smorian, to smoke.]


vb, n
the US spelling of smoulder


or smoul•der

(ˈsmoʊl dər)

1. to burn without flame; undergo slow or suppressed combustion.
2. to exist or continue in a suppressed state or without outward demonstration: Hatred smoldered beneath his smile.
3. to display repressed feelings, as of indignation, anger, or the like.
4. dense smoke resulting from slow or suppressed combustion.
5. a smoldering fire.
[1275–1325; Middle English smolder dissimilated variant of smorther smother]


Past participle: smoldered
Gerund: smoldering

I smolder
you smolder
he/she/it smolders
we smolder
you smolder
they smolder
I smoldered
you smoldered
he/she/it smoldered
we smoldered
you smoldered
they smoldered
Present Continuous
I am smoldering
you are smoldering
he/she/it is smoldering
we are smoldering
you are smoldering
they are smoldering
Present Perfect
I have smoldered
you have smoldered
he/she/it has smoldered
we have smoldered
you have smoldered
they have smoldered
Past Continuous
I was smoldering
you were smoldering
he/she/it was smoldering
we were smoldering
you were smoldering
they were smoldering
Past Perfect
I had smoldered
you had smoldered
he/she/it had smoldered
we had smoldered
you had smoldered
they had smoldered
I will smolder
you will smolder
he/she/it will smolder
we will smolder
you will smolder
they will smolder
Future Perfect
I will have smoldered
you will have smoldered
he/she/it will have smoldered
we will have smoldered
you will have smoldered
they will have smoldered
Future Continuous
I will be smoldering
you will be smoldering
he/she/it will be smoldering
we will be smoldering
you will be smoldering
they will be smoldering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been smoldering
you have been smoldering
he/she/it has been smoldering
we have been smoldering
you have been smoldering
they have been smoldering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been smoldering
you will have been smoldering
he/she/it will have been smoldering
we will have been smoldering
you will have been smoldering
they will have been smoldering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been smoldering
you had been smoldering
he/she/it had been smoldering
we had been smoldering
you had been smoldering
they had been smoldering
I would smolder
you would smolder
he/she/it would smolder
we would smolder
you would smolder
they would smolder
Past Conditional
I would have smoldered
you would have smoldered
he/she/it would have smoldered
we would have smoldered
you would have smoldered
they would have smoldered
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.smolder - a fire that burns with thick smoke but no flame; "the smoulder suddenly became a blaze"
fire - the event of something burning (often destructive); "they lost everything in the fire"
Verb1.smolder - burn slowly and without a flame; "a smoldering fire"
burn, combust - undergo combustion; "Maple wood burns well"
2.smolder - have strong suppressed feelings
feel, experience - undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind; "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"


To be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil:


(American) smolder (ˈsməuldə) verb
to burn slowly or without flame. A piece of coal had fallen out of the fire and the hearthrug was smouldering.
References in classic literature ?
They came into a room bright with windows, where a big log smoldered in a rough-stone fireplace.
Figure 10 illustrates the effect of vertical separation distance on the affinity of incense stick configurations on transition to catch fire or to smolder. The effect is noted with respect to the time taken for transition initiation.
The CPSC focused on a smolder test, because cigarettes are the source of ignition in 90% of the upholstered furniture fires that result in a fatality.
However, they warned that the crisis over eurozone governments with heavy debts "continues to smolder" and that Germany was still not doing enough to reduce its own debt load of over 80 percent of gross domestic product.
He will be forever remembered by his only devoted and loving daughter, Lisa and her husband, Ed, of Ripley; cherished and loved as Papa Doc by his grandchildren, Eddie (Brooke) Smolder of Ripley and Alicia (Jamie) Smolder Kinsey of Flemington; and great-granddaughter, Braylie Edair Smolder of Ripley.
Calling it the "red flag season" for outside fires, Chief DiLiddo said cigarette butts can smolder for hours.
Each of these products is said to exhibit outstanding scorch resistance, minimal effect upon foam processing, physical properties and cigarette smolder, as well as a favorable environmental profile.
Smolder's precise helming, flecked with straight-faced humor, is inventive enough, and beyond the callow central figure other roles are colorfully drawn.
Coils typically contain 0.3-0.4% pyrethrin insecticides by weight, with the balance being combustible materials chosen for their ability to smolder without flame.