smooth down

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w>smooth down

vt sepglatt machen; feathers, hair, dressglatt streichen; (fig) person, feelingsbesänftigen
vi (fig)sich beruhigen
References in classic literature ?
For she walked silently and almost with a smile on her face, towards the bed, and began to smooth down George's pillow.
Infused with natural Argan oil, this hair treatment bundle is designed to moisturise and smooth down strands.
Following extraction, we smooth down any rough bony ridges so they don't poke up through the gum.
To smooth down flyaways, apply a small amount of serum to fingers and run them down the hair line to the base of the bun.
Smooth down the protruding cream on the sides with a knife blade, add the remaining caramel, spreading it evenly on the whole surface.
Gently place this over the cheese, and smooth down the sides.
Hershesons pack of 75 grips, PS6 @ John Lewis Use a strong-hold spray to smooth down any flyaways around your face and to keep your knot in place.
Finally, with your hair arranged in place, spritz with hairspray and smooth down.
For example, Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam contains surface polymers that coat the hair during the coloring process and smooth down the cuticles of the hair for a silky smooth finish.
But there was heartache for one contender, whose bid to claim the record for most t-shirts donned in three minutes was disallowed when officials ruled he had failed to smooth down all of the 59 shirts properly.
Then we had big machines to level the ground and smooth down the surface before we started re-seeding.
SCRUB UP Scrub up and smooth down with Organic Surge body care range, which contains potent natural ingredients.