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Noun1.wild hydrangea - deciduous shrub with creamy white flower clusterswild hydrangea - deciduous shrub with creamy white flower clusters; eastern United States
genus Hydrangea - type genus of Hydrangeaceae; large genus of shrubs and some trees and vines with white or pink or blue flower clusters; sometimes placed in family Saxifragaceae
hydrangea - any of various deciduous or evergreen shrubs of the genus Hydrangea
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Annabelle is a classic variety of the smooth hydrangea valued not just by florists but also by smart gardeners.
I am most excited about Wee White smooth hydrangea and can't wait to plant some in containers for the season before transplanting them to their permanent homes in my landscape next fall.
I might suggest various hostas and ferns, grasses and sedges, Satsuki azaleas, smooth hydrangeas, fothergillas, sasanqua camellias, the native fringe tree, foamflowers, wood asters, foxgloves, Japanese anemones, rue anemones, white varieties of wood anemone and Grecian windflowers, and lots of little white daffodils followed by Virginia bluebells.