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Noun1.smooth plane - a small plane for finish worksmooth plane - a small plane for finish work  
carpenter's plane, woodworking plane, plane - a carpenter's hand tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing or shaping wood; "the cabinetmaker used a plane for the finish work"
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The purpose of this article is to give typical examples of smooth plane curve of degree d whose automorphism group has order 60d.
Manufactured from smooth plane pressure treated timber, it has a large work surface and useful shelf.
Big tummy: If you have a big tummy, choose a pair of high-waisted jeans to help create a smooth plane over the entire stomach.
Fahad Hameed's work was about his experience in which he inquired the original cores of the study of traditional miniature paintings through the visual composition, specially very smooth plane divided surface but much rigid and unbreakable rules.
Theorem: Assume that X has no [g.sup.sub.3], is not a smooth plane quintic and not a double cover of a real elliptic curve.
Fineberg said that while frictional motion is often thought of as the motion of two bodies against each other, separated by a perfectly smooth plane, in fact, due to the microscopic roughness of sliding surfaces, all of the contact between sliding bodies takes place in only a tiny area.