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Adj.1.smooth-bodied - having a smooth body
bodied - having a body or a body of a specified kind; often used in combination; "strong-bodied"; "big-bodied"
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In the Spring of 2016, UCR and GFD introduced 3 Cold Brew Coffee products; Cold Brew Coffee Straight*, a smooth-bodied drink with notes of roasted walnut, caramel and creamy chocolate; Cold Brew Coffee with Half & Half is creamy, sweet, and caffeinated; Cold Brew Coffee with Chocolate Milk is infused with Guernsey Farms Dairy's award-winning chocolate milk.
An IP69K-rated motor with a smooth-bodied, hygienic design is at the heart of the new ASEPTICplus gearmotor.
Casting of Korpela in the title role was an inspired decision, as the rough-faced, smooth-bodied actor is the perfect combination of working-class solidity coping with emotions beyond his grasp.