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Adj.1.smooth-haired - having hair that feels smooth
haired, hairy, hirsute - having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar"
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It's really exciting that we will be able to see ourselves, and our collection of long and smooth-haired dachshunds on BBC One.
Wirehaired vizslas, like their smooth-haired counterparts, definitely lean toward the soft side, according to Ken Hanlen.
Members of Tootsie's first litter were distributed to family and friends, including Sabra, who started a long line of Tan dachshunds of all colors (black and tan, literally), smooth-haired, wire-haired.
Six-year-old Isaac is a miniature, smooth-haired Dachshund and long-coated Chihuahua mix.
The other was said to be a smooth-haired Labrador-Rottweiler cross with a Labrador face.
NUTTY THE MINIATURE DACHSHUND Nutty is a red, smooth-haired, miniature dachshund and is 17 months old.
Common rosefinch near Point Lynas Picture: Robin Sandham Sophie Thomas, 5, from Llandudno, with aunt Helen Evans, was ridden champion in the coloured horses Reserve champion young cattle handler was Elliw Wyn Roberts, 8, of Bryn Sannan, Llantrisant A miniature smooth-haired dachshund, owned by Holywell's Sue Roberts, was champion dog Supreme cattle champion Cheeky Girl 2 with Dion Hughes World horses champion was an American Miniature, with Ellie Roche, 13 eme cattle champion Cheeky Girl 2 with Dion Hughes Four brothers, the Clwyd Spencers from Maes y Groes, Henllan, were young dairy handlers.
Owner Sarah Beech said she feared the smooth-haired miniature dachshund would have to be put down after he lost the use of his legs a year ago.
NOT one to start the local rumour mills grinding, I must nonetheless report alarming talk hereabouts concerning alleged sightings of a large, smooth-haired, black, cat-like beast prowling the fields up on Doddington Moor recently.
We are met almost simultaneously by a pod of dolphins swimming dose to the shore and a smooth-haired dachshund greeting us at the door, or rather the whale bone arch which forms the entrance to the lodge.
Jes, a sheep dog, is smooth-haired with a black and white face and a black spot on her head, with a black body and white legs.
His speciality was in smooth-haired fox terriers and it was said that he and the Duchess of Newcastle swept the board at all the major dog shows.