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Adj.1.smooth-shelled - having a smooth shell
shelled - of animals or fruits that have a shell
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The genus Mytilus, as defined by Linnaeus (1758), consists of two types of species: Those that are hard-shelled for which two species, Mytilus californianus and Mytilus coruscus, have been defined; and those that are smooth-shelled for which three species, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus galloprovincialis, and Mytilus trossulus, have been recognized.
The same type of colouration was, however, reported in the smooth-shelled Ordovician Isorthoceras (Kroger 2013), which probably also belongs to the Orthocerida (D.
Smooth-shelled species, Actinonais ligamentina and Elliptio dilatata, were found in finer substrate than Fusconaia flava which has a fairly deep sulcus and Quadrula pustulosa which has generalize shell sculpture.