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tr. & intr.v. smooth·ened, smooth·en·ing, smooth·ens
To make or become smooth.
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Adj.1.smoothened - made smooth by ironing
ironed - (of linens or clothes) smoothed with a hot iron
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Now Jane, go rest awhile." And as I smiled, his smoothened brow Returned as glad a smile.
It provides the stimulation for hair to produce its natural oils, which are distrubuted evenly through smoothened hair.
The chief minister said that development of the industrial sector at a robust basis was inevitable to become independent and PTI government has smoothened business environment.
However, the senator said that he thinks that the issues would be 'smoothened out' once the bicameral conference committee is convened.
The small wrinkles created in the LRGT method are smoothened out by oxidizing the silicon wafer onto which the graphene is to be transferred.
*Smoothening tool -- To ensure that the sides are smoothened out for the puncture strip to be applied.
The controversial checks and balances must be smoothened out.
Metal pipes used for water connections are smoothened to form barrels.
Once the nail has been restored to its original shape, it is filed and smoothened with a small hand drill.
The 'upper storey road' has not smoothened traffic flow at all, they told Engineering Review.
Diamond Particles and moisturizing components ensure the hair's damaged surface is repaired and smoothened. Panthenol elements ensure the hair is easier to comb.