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Adv.1.smoulderingly - with barely repressed anger; "`I can't wait,' she answered smolderingly"
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In her first leading role, Kathleen was so smoulderingly erotic she has been a sexual icon ever since.
The smoulderingly suave tenorman David Murray, who started his career as a storming free improviser and down the decades since the 1970s has metamorphosed into a still-storming postbop titan, performs in Birmingham.
Image: Smoulderingly handsome leading man Best known for: Becoming a Hollywood megastar Early life: Born on October 3, 1964, in Keresley, Coventry, he's the fourth of five brothers.
Smoulderingly handsome with long, flowing locks, sparkling blue bedroom eyes and an accent distinctly chic, Ginola was a pin-up adored by women and loved by men because of the swaggering style he brought to United.
Tassis Christoyannis also impressed as Ford, displaying a smoulderingly handsome baritone and giving a Keatonesque portrayal of suppressed rage, stone-faced but with eloquently flailing limbs.
A lone voice of snarling sanity in a right-on world gone mad, DCI Hunt remains smoulderingly bad and dangerous to know.
The object of his affection is the smoulderingly sexy Helga.
Among the charming soloists mezzo Victoria Simmonds was outstanding, giving us a smoulderingly sexy Carmen.
But the role that really made his name was as the smoulderingly righteous Mr Darcy in BBC TV's Pride And Prejudice.
And that's before he starts to speak in that smoulderingly sexy Spanish accent.