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Noun1.snack counter - usually inexpensive barsnack counter - usually inexpensive bar    
bar - a counter where you can obtain food or drink; "he bought a hot dog and a coke at the bar"
commissary - a snack bar in a film studio
milk bar - snack bar that sells milk drinks and light refreshments (such as ice cream)
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The state-of-the-art facility offers fun and entertainment for all ages, including exciting rides, redemption games, a Video Gaming Zone, a toddler zone, Virtual Reality games, KIDZONE ocean world soft play area, a snack counter and more.
Pam Allen's certificate was in recognition of her unstinting efforts for charity especially in relation to Storer House where she works behind the snack counter and spends many hours raising funds to help the community centre continue with its essential work.
The all-white island kitchen, luxuriously updated with marble counter tops and a super-sized center island with integrated snack counter, gives way to a sprawling leisure wing that includes a small lounge, a massive family/ game room lined with French doors, and a home theater with eight recliners.
"They'll go to a snack counter and want their Lay's potato chips," she said.
Take a look at the kitchen: a central island gives you room to chop veggies while guests can linger at the separate snack counter. Take the stairs or the elevator (a smart detail to make aging in place easier) up to the second level.
The best feature of the house is the dining area which has glass sliders on two walls and is divided by quotidian galley-style kitchen by a waist height snack counter. It has an exotic view of the ocean which one can enjoy while having a modest meal.
Sahara Grace, Kochi will offer to its residents various amenities like - a Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Health Club/ Gymnasium, Badminton Court, Billiards / Snooker and TT facility as well as Snack Counter. Along with these facilities there will be a Helipad, Central Water body with artificial lake, gazebo and jogging track, multi storied car parking, Multi level security system, piped cooking gas facility, in house fire control system, rain water harvesting system, as well as separate kid's play area for all its residents.
Like when they change a pounds 20 note at the snack counter into nothing more than a couple of soft drinks and a bag of salted popcorn.
Milk in this attractive and easy-to-use carton will be sold under the dairygate brand through the snack counter areas in Midlands Co-op shops to cater for the needs of the burgeoning on-the-move snack food and drink market.