snack table

snack′ ta`ble

a small portable folding table used for an individual serving of food or drink.
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Location is key: "Vegetable trays do very well when merchandised in a secondary prime traffic location within produce as they offer a nice impulse purchase to those looking to stock their party snack table," says Apio's Tanguay.
The Tahanto Booster Club will be sponsoring a snack table at home basketball games.
Once at the buffet, try these strategies: avoid creamy and cheesy dishes; go for plain veggies with a touch of dip; use the smallest plate available or eat only what you can hold in a cocktail napkin; do not stand next to the snack table; and, if you choose to have alcohol, balance those drinks with diet soda or water in between.
Decorate the snack table with glass jars of pink gummies and convo hearts.
Contract awarded for 8698n001-injection molded knob set complete for snack table of lhb type shatabdi chair car coaches comprising of black round with plate and fastening screws rcf drg no.
Party perfect Hang flowers from ribbon over the snack table at your big V-Day lest
Anyone who is willing to help out at the Booster Club snack table at basketball games should contact Alan Cosimini.
WHAT SHE COULDN'T STAY AWAY FROM AT THE SNACK TABLE "I love carrots, but I'm such a Snickers girl," says Alexa.