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1. A hurried or light meal.
2. Food eaten between meals.
intr.v. snacked, snack·ing, snacks
1. To eat a hurried or light meal: She had meetings all day but managed to snack in lieu of lunch.
2. To eat food between meals: She snacked during the baseball game.
Phrasal Verb:
snack on
To eat (food) between meals: snacked on pretzels.

[Middle English snak, variant of snacche, trap, bite, from snacchen, to snap; see snatch.]

snack′er n.
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informal a person who snacks or eats between main meals
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Noun1.snacker - someone who eats lightly or eats snacks between meals
eater, feeder - someone who consumes food for nourishment
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Implements: PS4500 Ifor Williams livestock trailer, PS2600 multi spreader , PS1450 McConnell topper, PS1400 Malgar slurry tanker, PS1320 Logic Snacker, PS1300 Unistock cattle crush, PS900 Vicon haybob, PS900 silage grab, PS800 Swaledale Snacker.
Throw one of these incredibly flavorful burritos into a lunch box with a bag of pita chips or a handful of carrots, and even the hungriest snacker will be satisfied all day.
Keeping your pantry and refrigerator stocked with the right foods is key to being a super-snacker, not a slacker snacker, and will help to satisfy cravings and curb weight gain.
The company is extending its snacking line with Disney and adding an organic Snacker for distribution at Costco, that will include organic apple stix, Cheddar cheese pieces and pretzels in a three-pack option with bright, fun graphics, said Megan Wade, marketing and product manager.
A lack of morning appetite could be due to having eaten too much food the night before, especially if you're a late-night snacker, or because of issues related to your metabolism or hormones that affect hunger.
Steady SNACKER Steady Snackers mindlessly graze throughout the day, whether hungry or not.
They are then turned out at grass in the Spring and fed BOCM PAULS beef rolls dispensed from a snacker.
Definitely a snacker! I like small meals throughout the day.
"I never ate too badly, but my portions were large and I was a snacker, so I've learned to control it.
Chances are you have at least one 404 or a news snacker on your race team.
Besides standard fried chicken, these include Crispy Strips, Wings, Boneless Wings, Honey BBQ, Buffalo and Crispy Snacker Sandwiches, Popcorn Chicken, Twisters and Potato Wedges.
For a spider snacker, the piercing hairs would mean a scratchy meal.