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1. A rough, sharp, or jagged protuberance, as:
a. A dead or partly dead tree that is still standing.
b. A tree or a part of a tree that is sunken in or protrudes above a body of water and is a danger to navigation.
c. A snaggletooth.
d. A short or imperfectly developed branch of a deer's antler.
2. A break, pull, or tear in fabric.
3. An unforeseen or hidden obstacle or difficulty: Our plans for the party have hit a snag.
v. snagged, snag·ging, snags
1. To tear, break, hinder, or destroy by or as if by a snag: snagged a stocking on a splinter.
2. Informal To catch or obtain quickly or unexpectedly: snagged a ground ball; snagged a bargain.
3. To free of snags: snagged the river.
4. To catch (a fish), especially by hooking in a place other than its mouth.
To be damaged by a snag: His sweater snagged on a tree branch.

[Of Scandinavian origin.]

snag′gy adj.
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In simplest terms, this tool comprises a weighted form that attaches to your line and slides down to "knock" the snagged lure free.
Nobody saw the accident but the most realistic scenario was Mr Begley stood between the dies when a trailing chain snagged onto one, causing it to rotate.
Rules state submarines should surface and check the other boat's crew if there is an accident - but the sub did not even realise it had snagged the nets.
It was snagged on the slide release/stop lever at the welt seam on the top edge of the holster.
The safety strap attached to his leg became snagged on the trunk of a fallen tree, dragging him under the surface.
"What a great product for reducing the number of snagged lures you lose, especially in wood cover," he says.
Summary: Two shuttle Atlantis astronauts have fixed a snagged cable on their spacecraft and installed new batteries on the orbiting laboratory.