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A tooth that is broken or not in alignment with the others.

[From snag + tooth.]

snag′gle·toothed′ adj.


n, pl -teeth
(Dentistry) a tooth that is broken or projecting
ˈsnaggleˌtoothed adj


(ˈsnæg əlˌtuθ)

n., pl. -teeth.
a tooth growing out beyond or apart from others.
[1815–25; appar. snag + -le + tooth]
snag′gle-toothed`, adj.
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Here's a list of the 86 ales on offer at this year's Ale and Arty at Arc, Stockton: 1 A FIST FULL OF HOPS Falstaff, Derby 2 A-HOP-ALYPSE-NOW Camerons, Hartlepool 3 ADONIS Double Top, Worksop, Notts 4 AMISH MASH Great Heck, N Yorks 5 BIG BETTYS North Yorkshire, Pinchinthorpe 6 BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE BELGIUM Snaggletooth, Darwen 7 BLACK BLEAT North Yorkshire, Pinchinthorpe 8 BLACK CROW STOUT Poachers, North Hykeham Lincolnshire 9 BLACK DEATH Whitby 10 BLACK PRINCE PORTER Bexley, Erith Kent 11 BLACKBERRY PORTER Mauldons, Sudbury 12 BOLTMAKER Timothy Taylors Keighley 13 BURTON PORTER Burton Bridge, Burton 14 CAPTAIN COOK I.
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During the survey they identified 16 species of shark in Bahraini waters - the snaggletooth, milk, sliteye, spottail, blacktip, hooktooth, slender weasel, hardnose, whitecheek, great hammerhead, pigeye, spinner, grey sharpnose, whale shark, Arabian carpet shark and Arabian smoothhound.
Winslet and Ehle are equally impressive and Law sports a snaggletooth and an Australian accent as the agent provocateur, who cynically believes the lethal strain could end the recession for pharmaceutical companies.
Noah Booker is an amiable man with dirty hands and a chortling laugh similar to the snaggletooth tiger cartoon character.
Thompson plays the title character, a stern woman with a bulbous nose, a pair of hairy warts and a pronounced snaggletooth.
Blood spattered the length and breadth of our imitation Oriental rug, blood dripping from the splintered remains of our coffee table, blood smeared like a sign across my father's forehead, blood spurting from my cousin' s nose--and the two of them not so much fist fighting, no so much wresting as caroming, with a terrible bony thwack colliding, rearing back and charging in like men with antlers branching from their brows, fantastical, cross-species creatures sprung from mythology into our living room and pulping each other's flesh with their massive, snaggletooth horns.
He emerged from BB5's catastrophic compound several steps behind his enormous protruding snaggletooth.
Recently, I sold a small Darth Vader figure for pounds 30 and a blue Snaggletooth figure - he's a character from Return of the Jedi - unboxed, for pounds 150.
Snaggletooth rakes, bent trowels, and rusting spades don't upset them.
The Greenbank under-10s B side from Lincoln have the band's name on their shirts along with their motif - a skull named Snaggletooth.