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A tooth that is broken or not in alignment with the others.

[From snag + tooth.]

snag′gle·toothed′ adj.
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n, pl -teeth
(Dentistry) a tooth that is broken or projecting
ˈsnaggleˌtoothed adj
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(ˈsnæg əlˌtuθ)

n., pl. -teeth.
a tooth growing out beyond or apart from others.
[1815–25; appar. snag + -le + tooth]
snag′gle-toothed`, adj.
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These include Mangra (Tawny Nurse Shark, Graceful Shark, and Grey Reef Shark), Bamboli (Spadenose Shark), Barcali (Snaggletooth Shark), Pari (Thresher Shark), Kali Tili (Silky Shark), Bili (Zebra Shark), Aam (Oceanic Whitetip Shark), Narmani (Tiger Shark), and Gole Mangra (Milk Shark), to name a few.
The $65 dinner includes pairings like Solemn Oath Spearman and roasted chestnut and bacon soup; Snaggletooth Bandanna and lump crab, prawn and avocado ceviche and Barrel-Aged Goldmund and braised short ribs, root veggie mash and demi glaze.
He charms his fans with his snaggletooth and dolphin sounds.
Some chapters have only tangential relation to the storyline and the characters, instead dealing with the minutiae of Star Wars merchandise; for instance, in "The Mind of Blue Snaggletooth," Dennis Knepp takes the reader down the rabbit hole of the three levels of understanding (namely, the physical, design, and intentional stance) as developed by the American philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett, rather bizarrely demonstrated on a Blue Snaggletooth action figure.
She had a snaggletooth and ribbon-plaited hair, and because I wanted to believe in my myth of the lovely hayseed, I trusted what she said.
One morning, Rafe, a younger boy with a snaggletooth who was new to the school and generally unliked, came to Garth crying.
Calico runs into snaggletooth troubles in his flight, but he makes a quick decision to escape minus one quickfoot sox and lives to lick his chops and run another day.
The sale includes a Snaggletooth - aka Zutton - figure, which is one of the rarest Star Wars action figures on the market.
The sale includes a Snaggletooth -- aka Zutton -- figure, which is one of the rarest Star Wars action figures on the market.
He also had snaggletooth, enlarged inguinal lymph nodes, hearing loss, hepatosplenomegaly, heart anomaly, flat feet, bilateral fixed hammertoe deformity, and bilateral camptodactyly of the proximal interphalangeal joints of his second and third toes.
a snaggletooth grin gone off on its own anomalous search.
Here's a list of the 86 ales on offer at this year's Ale and Arty at Arc, Stockton: 1 A FIST FULL OF HOPS Falstaff, Derby 2 A-HOP-ALYPSE-NOW Camerons, Hartlepool 3 ADONIS Double Top, Worksop, Notts 4 AMISH MASH Great Heck, N Yorks 5 BIG BETTYS North Yorkshire, Pinchinthorpe 6 BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE BELGIUM Snaggletooth, Darwen 7 BLACK BLEAT North Yorkshire, Pinchinthorpe 8 BLACK CROW STOUT Poachers, North Hykeham Lincolnshire 9 BLACK DEATH Whitby 10 BLACK PRINCE PORTER Bexley, Erith Kent 11 BLACKBERRY PORTER Mauldons, Sudbury 12 BOLTMAKER Timothy Taylors Keighley 13 BURTON PORTER Burton Bridge, Burton 14 CAPTAIN COOK I.P.A.