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A tooth that is broken or not in alignment with the others.

[From snag + tooth.]

snag′gle·toothed′ adj.


n, pl -teeth
(Dentistry) a tooth that is broken or projecting
ˈsnaggleˌtoothed adj


(ˈsnæg əlˌtuθ)

n., pl. -teeth.
a tooth growing out beyond or apart from others.
[1815–25; appar. snag + -le + tooth]
snag′gle-toothed`, adj.
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Instantly recognizable for his unruly mop of hair and snaggletoothed grin, Dodd came up through the hardscrabble ranks of Britain's variety circuit, where performers kept demanding crowds entertained with songs, a bit of dance and a slew of jokes.
Apart from some crude comedy caricatures - East European upstairs neighbour, snaggletoothed shop manager - popping up a la Mr Blobby in the vain hope of punctuating the tedium, that's pretty much it.
Speaking in Tel Aviv, Mr Johnson said a "completely crazy" trade boycott against Israel lacks support and used a lecture to hit out at "corduroy, jacketed, snaggletoothed, lefty academics in the UK" who are pursuing the cause.
What the Americans want to see of the English: they don't want to see snaggletoothed, working-class people, obviously.
There, and there, and everywhere, the mountains of junk: spavined bicycle frames, rusted fifty-five-gallon drums, refrigerators gone leprous with rust, snaggletoothed hay rakes, combine blades, baby carriages.
It seems as if there should be a quota system to prevent any one prison from housing this many fiery Latinas, larger-than-life black women and pale, snaggletoothed whites, not to mention hearts of gold.
Widower Colin Firth needs the help of Emma Thompson's snaggletoothed Nanny McPhee.
Frankie Boyle later said: "Comedians make jokes about *** singing karaoke songs on talent shows you snaggletoothed grammar holocaust.
It's a far cry from her days as a snaggletoothed wannabe with bad fake tan and cornrows.
Ludicrous scripting would have auds believe that a trio of camcorder-wielding Louisianans--including a snaggletoothed redneck played by Joshua Leonard--have let loose a slew of man-eaters in a freshwater lake, allowing the good ol' boys to shoot underwater snuff films for sale to "Shark Week" fans.
We looked up the line of people and saw this kind of snaggletoothed.
But she mostly photographed people or junk, streets full of ramshackle houses and people with snaggletoothed smiles, barefoot, wearing mismatched clothing.