snake venom

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Noun1.snake venom - venom secreted by certain snakessnake venom - venom secreted by certain snakes  
venom - toxin secreted by animals; secreted by certain snakes and poisonous insects (e.g., spiders and scorpions)
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In recent years, a number of snake venom proteins that interfere with platelet function have been identified.
Polyvalent Anti Snake Venom Serum should contain Equivalent of 10 ml of purified gloublins 1 ml of reconstituted serum to neutralise 0.5 mg to 0.6 of dried Cobra Venom 0.45 mg of dried common krait venom ,0.6mg of dried russels viper venom , 0.45 mg of dried
The dog apparently fought the snakes for a few hours before succumbing to the effect of snake venom from multiple bites.
The person will either be administered with cortisol or in rare cases snake venom antiserum polyvalent.
Snake venom metalloproteinases: their role in pathogenesis of local tissue damage.
Researchers are developing a new way to tackle this problem -- by pairing snake venom with nanofibers.
Snake venom, a complex fluid, is composed of polypeptides (Hider et al.
Depending on the clinical picture of the patient and laboratory findings the decision to give anti snake venom was made.
Snake venom causes painful injury or death to humans.
Abstract Present study was performed to inhibit alkaline phosphatases (ALPases) present in snake venom Naja naja karachiensis by 28 medicinal plants of Pakistan.