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Adj.1.snake-haired - (of monsters) having snakes for hair
haired, hairy, hirsute - having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar"
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The 1930s-era property also showcases the designer's signature snake-haired Medusa head, which has since become synonymous with the brand.
The last time we saw Medusa, she was hiding in a cave after being turned into a snake-haired monster that turns anyone who looks at her into stone, just as the Greek myth states.
15pm For those of us who grew up reading Greek myths, Medusa is a snake-haired Gorgon whose mere look can turn men to stone.
An iconic character from Greek mythology, she was the terrifying snake-haired goddess who could turn men into stone with a single look.
According the Greek mythology, Medusa was a Gorgon, a snake-haired monster capable of turning any living thing that had the misfortune to look upon her .
But with the likes of snake-haired Medusa and the fearsome Kraken unable to stop Sam Worthington, the opinion of the critics was easy to swat aside and the 'Avatar' star is gunning for a second shot with the sequel 'Wrath of the Titans', which is out in UAE cinemas tomorrow.
1) John Newton's important 2009 study of the Jerusalem project and the careful parsing of Baxter's classical debts in Miles, Davidson, and Millar's Snake-Haired Muse (2011) helped spur this new appreciation, and what follows below builds on these pioneering works.
What is the most southerly point of Africa Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Illustrating the works of Dickens; 2 Ireland; 3 Cape of Good Hope; 4 Metamorphosis; 5 Five and one; 6 Sunshine; 7 Errol Flynn; 8 The snake-haired goddesses of vengeance; 9 Diamonds; 10 Kentucky.
A village girl is possessed by the spirit of one of the snake-haired monsters from Greek mythology, and her gaze turns victims to stone.
The cover, which weighs more than 4 tons, is decorated with snake-haired medusa heads and joyful and sad-faced masks.
A straggly bearded Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman (as snake-haired Medusa) and comic Steve Coogan (an unlikely Hades) also join the big screen action.