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1. Any of numerous scaly, legless, sometimes venomous squamate reptiles of the suborder Serpentes (or Ophidia), having a long, tapering, cylindrical body and flexible jaws.
2. A treacherous person. Also called snake in the grass.
3. A long, highly flexible metal wire or coil used for cleaning drains. Also called plumber's snake.
v. snaked, snak·ing, snakes
1. To drag or pull lengthwise, especially to drag with a rope or chain.
2. To pull with quick jerks.
3. To move in a sinuous or gliding manner: tried to snake the rope along the ledge.
To move with a sinuous motion: The river snakes through the valley.

[Middle English, from Old English snaca.]

Snake 1

n. pl. Snake or Snakes

Snake 2

See Hydra.
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See also animals; reptiles.

1. an abnormal fear of snakes. Also ophiophobia.
2. herpetophobia.
a description of snakes. — ophiographic, adj.
the worship of snakes. — ophiolater, n.
the branch of herpetology that studies snakes. Also called snakeology, snakology. — ophiologist, n. — ophiologic, ophiological, adj.
a form of divination involving snakes.
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References in classic literature ?
He was afraid for the minute, but it is impossible for a mongoose to stay frightened for any length of time, and though Rikki-tikki had never met a live cobra before, his mother had fed him on dead ones, and he knew that all a grown mongoose's business in life was to fight and eat snakes. Nag knew that too and, at the bottom of his cold heart, he was afraid.
Snakes? Long before I had heard of the existence of snakes, I was tormented by them in my sleep.
The tails of two snakes were hanging between the cloth and the cornice of the wall.
They proved to be a mixed party of Flatheads and Shoshonies , or Snakes; and as these tribes will be frequently mentioned in the course of this work, we shall give a few introductory particulars concerning them.
"A snake in his bosom!" repeated the young sculptor to himself.
I whirled round, and there, on one of those dry gravel beds, was the biggest snake I had ever seen.
Well, by night I forgot all about the snake, and when Jim flung himself down on the blanket while I struck a light the snake's mate was there, and bit him.
Any unprejudiced person would accept the green lights to be the eyes of a great snake, such as tradition pointed to living in the well-hole.
This species of snake is not poisonous, and kills its prey by crushing it to death, making it into a pulpy mass, with scarcely a bone left unbroken, after which it swallows its meal.
A hunt after hunters Hungry times A voracious repast Wintry weather Godin's River Splendid winter scene on the great Lava Plain of Snake River Severe travelling and tramping in the snow Manoeuvres of a solitary Indian horseman Encampment on Snake River Banneck Indians The horse chief His charmed life.
ONE WINTER a Farmer found a Snake stiff and frozen with cold.
ONE day an Opossum who had gone to sleep hanging from the highest branch of a tree by the tail, awoke and saw a large Snake wound about the limb, between him and the trunk of the tree.