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His pride kept his mouth shut, but the result of the chilling of his lungs in the cold snap could not be concealed.
“A snap, a snap!” shouted the negro, springing from his crouching posture like a madman, before his bird.
"Ginger has a bad habit of biting and snapping; that is why they call her Ginger, and when she was in the loose box she used to snap very much.
Then he fought, his teeth flashing in a snap that sank them into the hand.
"He's angry with Snap!" she exclaimed to herself in a whisper.
The branches on which I was suspended over the yawning chasm swang to and fro in the air, and I expected them every moment to snap in twain.
A vicious snarl and a wicked snap that barely missed her fingers were her reward.
So he made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as he opened his mouth the piece of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen more.
-- Saw Snap at the Exchange, and went up and trod on his toe.
As he followed the direction of her eyes, in rising again, towards Mr Flintwinch's good friend, Mr Blandois, Mr Blandois snapped his finger and thumb with one loud contemptuous snap.
He stopped there, however, bid me good-morning, and called Snap, who seemed a little doubtful whether to follow his old mistress or his new master, but trotted away upon being summoned by the latter.
This time the steward's hand was barely missed by a snap, and he leaped back as Michael ferociously sprang the length of the rope at him.