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Noun1.snap line - a chalked string used in the building trades to make a straight line on a vertical surface
string, twine - a lightweight cord
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Smooth and urban packaging of the Snap line was made of eco-friendly materials and can be fully recycled.
Schools' winning slogans Touch the sky the natural way, call the Snap line without delay - 0800 555111 (Sam Timms, Higham Lane School, Nuneaton)
The company's Snap line of NAS servers, meanwhile, is aimed at the low and mid-markets.
Blue snap lines. A "snap line" is a length of chalked cord, tautly stretched along a flat surface.
Medium-heavy rods rip hooks free, snap lines, and straighten hooks."
After the slab was poured but before the structural steel was installed, the project team laid out floor tile pattern angles, walls and openings and used concrete dye to snap lines, clarifying locations and space boundaries for all trades involved.
As Martin explained, overly stout rods can tear holes in a fish's mouth and occasionally snap lines. A parabolic design eliminates the sudden impact and keeps the tension smooth and steady.
Install a straight 2x4 on the worst joist, and use that as a reference to snap lines on walls.
We used the context of our favourite chocolate bar that has snap lines for sharing it among friends.
Surrounded by scales, measuring tapes and snap lines, Tracy said " geometry is the basic principle behind street painting".
Stretch the chalk line taut between corresponding marks and then snap lines. If you are working alone, a nail temporarily driven at one end of the board on a mark will provide you the extra hand needed to hold one end of the string.