snap out

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w>snap out

vt sep
orderbrüllen, bellen
to snap somebody out of somethingjdn aus etw herausreißen
vi to snap out of somethingsich aus etw herausreißen, mit etw Schluss machen; it’s time he snapped out of this depressiones wird höchste Zeit, dass er aus dieser Depression rauskommt; snap out of it!reiß dich zusammen or am Riemen! (inf); (= cheer up)Kopf hoch!
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As Glaus endured his usual midsummer malaise, manager Mike Scioscia and hitting coach Mickey Hatcher preached patience, that eventually Glaus would snap out of it in a big way.
They're still waiting for veteran left-hander Jim Abbott to snap out of a 1-7 drought and are hoping rookie Shad Williams can contribute, but strong outings by Shawn Boskie and Mark Langston on Sunday lessened manager Marcel Lachemann's concerns considerably.