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Noun1.snapping shrimp - small shrimp that makes a snapping noise with one of their enlarged chelaesnapping shrimp - small shrimp that makes a snapping noise with one of their enlarged chelae
shrimp - small slender-bodied chiefly marine decapod crustaceans with a long tail and single pair of pincers; many species are edible
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The persistent aquatic living sensors program, or PALS, will use snapping shrimp and bioluminescent plankton to detect manmade objects underwater.
Filtering barnacles [ivory barnacles, Balanus eburneus (Crustacea; Cirripedia)] and decapod shrimps [big-claw snapping shrimp, Alpheus heterochaelis (Crustacea; Decapoda)] were used for the analysis because filter feeders and scavenging omnivores represent important links between the detritus and higher trophic levels.
The app enables lovers of our coasts and seas to make a difference observations of a native snapping shrimp or an introduced marine pest can provide critical information in managing and protecting these environments.
That compelled researchers to find its source: vast communities of tiny snapping shrimp.
adspersus may be considered relatively simple, from an evolutionary point of view, especially when compared to the complex repertoire of up to 6-10 different sensillum morphotypes described in snapping shrimp (Obermeier and Schmitz, 2004), crayfish (Mellon, 2012), and spiny lobsters (Cate and Derby, 2001).
Often, when you get over a larger spot on a calm day, you can hear the "Rice Krispies" crackle of snapping shrimp and other denizens of the rock bottom--it's a dead giveaway.
(2010) found two bands dominated by sea urchins with a peak around 1,000 to 1,200 Hz, and snapping shrimp with a broad peak at 5,000 Hz in New Zealand.
Common shrimp species include pink, brown and snapping shrimp. Depending on the species and location, they grow from about 1.2 to 30 centimeters (0.47 to 12 in) long, and live between 1 and 6.5 years.
In the laboratory, many organisms exhibit preferences for certain types of subtrates and shelters [such as snapping shrimp (Rahman et al., 2004), crayfish (Martin and Moore 2008), spiny lobsters (Eggleston and Lipcius, 1992), hermit crabs (Rodrigues et al., 2000) and fish (Faria et al., 1998)].
The sounds of interest to researchers include those of snapping shrimp, fish, marine mammals, and vessel traffic (boats).
Our crew had to battle all the elements that make ASW challenging: high sea-state, strong low-level winds, blowing snow, and the sounds of snapping shrimp. Each sonobuoy was pushed to its limit, as the waves cut through the buoy strings like a knife through butter.
Snapping shrimp make choruses of little pops that have been compared to the sizzle of frying bacon.