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1. Likely to snap or bite, as a dog.
2. Irritable and curt: a snappish tone of voice; a snappish debating partner.

snap′pish·ly adv.
snap′pish·ness n.


in a sharp or irritable manner
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Adv.1.snappishly - in an ill-natured and snappish manner; "`Don't talk to me now,' she said snappishly"
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Let this be a lesson to you never to lose YOUR temper!' `Hold your tongue, Ma!' said the young Crab, a little snappishly. `You're enough to try the patience of an oyster!'
'I SHA'N'T eat it!' answered Linton, snappishly. 'Take it away.'
'Long or short,' said the matron, snappishly, 'she won't find me here when she does wake; take care, both of you, how you worry me again for nothing.
I know of an instance where a shopkeeper tossed a coin back to an American lady with the remark, snappishly uttered,
Joe, who always took explanations upon herself, said, snappishly, "Escaped.
'Oh, yes, they're well enough,' replied Mrs Squeers, snappishly.
"Sit down, I tell you," said old Featherstone, snappishly. "Stop where you are.
'Well, well, she shan't hear it then,' said Miss Murray, somewhat snappishly.