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tr.v. snap·shot (-shŏt′), snap·shoot·ing, snap·shoots
To take a snapshot of.

snap′shoot′er n.
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In the letter, Thompson talks about the value of "snapshooting" and not focusing too much on gear and the technical aspects of photography.
The LCP is so small to begin with that, when combined with its nearly nonexistent sights, snapshooting is difficult.
We returned on two balmy, tropical days of 13 to 15 degree F temps with less wind but more blowing snow to do some snapshooting drills.
The Junior Hawk will grow with your kids, and with zero letoff, snapshooting is a breeze.
Much to my satisfaction the target panic, snapshooting, and all the other bad habits that once plagued me had disappeared.
Design variations in the interface, telephone-device and snapshooting functions of various phones make the MMS a new application for traditional writing screens, like a Word page can be, for example.
Skelton says: "For combat and snapshooting, a better rear sight would be a very shallow V notch..." used with a front bead.
1988 'Towards a new practice theory of OD: Notes on snapshooting and moviemaking'.
This attitude is a disservice to most archers, and true snapshooting can open doors to bad habits listed in the categories to follow.
He is surprised that more hunters -- particularly those suffering from snapshooting and flinching -- don't hunt with a back-tension release.
That would seem like an eternity to a bowhunter who is prone to the snapshooting that comes from target panic.